Forthcoming Single: 'The Loneliest Saturday Night'

The new single has been lost in the corridors of cyberspace, like Spinal Tap looking for the stage door, roaming around in the echoes of the space time continuum. BUT! I have been assured that that the song will appear on May 26th! Yes, my friends, progress is being made! The song is called 'The Loneliest Saturday Night' - Loneliness is one of the great themes of our times, especially for young adults and teens.
This song looks at loneliness from a Zen perspective. It’s about getting through the night and making it to the dawn:
‘It’s the dark side of light but you know you’ll be alright, it’s just the loneliest Saturday night.’
I'm inviting you to the Video Premiere on May 29th! 
I'll put the link in the first comment. Thanks for listening!

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