Anne McCue is an Aquarian. The Cubists are Gemini.

The new album is inspired by David Bowie's song The Man Who Sold The World and The Beatles' Blue Jay Way. It is being produced by Jane Nightshade, a character from Anne McCue's forthcoming novel.

The Double A-side single - Sister Of The Mainline/Remembory has been released on vinyl 7 inch and is available at Bandcamp on Flying Machine Records.

Anne has produced other artists such as Emma Swift, Ellen Starski and Scott Miller and has played guitar on albums by such artists as Robyn Hitchcock and Michelle Shocked. This new album, to be released later in the year, will be her 7th. She is host of the radio show Songs On The Wire on Nashville's WXNA and hails from Sydney, Australia. She is the Nashville correspondent for Rhythms Magazine.



Flying Machine Records

Photos by Ward Weems