Fripp and Eno 

This is quite probably my favourite guitar solo - Robert Fripp playing on Brian Eno's song St. Elmo's Fire. It starts at the words "rested in the desert" and never fails to give me goosebumps. When I first heard it I asked, 'what is that sound?' and somebody said it was a guitar and I was hooked. I'd already been playing acoustic for a few years but it was a bit depressing because of all those horrible hair bands from L.A. that were dominating the scene. Then I heard this and I felt okay about playing…

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A Song Being Born Every Moment  


(Originally published in Rhythms Magazine Jan 2022)

Karen Dalton’s song comes out of the dark night of experience, singular and alone and very human and speaks directly to our souls. We hear every emotion, not a performance, just a song being born every moment. The song of authentic experience. 

If only we could hear more voices like this. 

If so, perhaps humanity might slow down and take more of a reckoning of the truths of existence - the heart, the soul, the implications of one life upon another life…

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The Truth About The Giant Crop Circle Found In Nashville on the Morning of February 22nd, 2022. 


They said that aliens had not been seen in these parts for some years. 

They said that the giant crop circle appeared sometime overnight in Nashville on February 22nd 2022 near the corner of Someplace Street and Nowhere Lane. 

That date:  22-02-2022 is auspicious, they said. 

Because of the 2s and the 0s, they said. 

They said that no-one heard any strange noises. 

They also said that no-one saw a spaceship or any kind of alien machinery whatsoever. 

Apparently, someone remembered a similar crop circle…

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Anne Plays First Show Of The Year 

Anne will join Jesse Correll for a show at City Winery, Nashville. Anne has co-produced Jesse's new album, Inner Shibori and both artists will play this show on the release day - February 11th at City Winery, Nashville. Buy tickets here.

Get Back To The Future 

Being able to watch this documentary at this time has felt the most like Christmas to me for many a long year. Maybe since I got the white album when I was 15 and I listened to it all summer - I was in Australia and December 25th is hot! I listened to it quite meticulously, each side listened to several times before I went on to the next. Listened to it between beach swims and shoreline walks, games of 500 and Hemingway, Beckett and Joyce. The Beatles were a part of the great unfolding of the universe of…

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Jesse Correll's Single Out Now 

Anne has co-produced a beautiful album with Jesse Correll. Here's the first single - An Icy Cold by Jesse Correll featuring Anna Tivel -  on Spotify

Video -

Anne and One Mind 

Here is the link to watch the premiere of the One Mind episode which features Anne playing a song and a discussion on mental health during the pandemic. This Friday at 12noon PT / 2pm CT / 3pm ET: