Anne and One Mind 

Here is the link to watch the premiere of the One Mind episode which features Anne playing a song and a discussion on mental health during the pandemic. This Friday at 12noon PT / 2pm CT / 3pm ET:

Dead Flowers by Regis Jr. 

I heard this song by Regis Jr. a while back and had an idea for a video. The pandemic gave me the opportunity to spend the time on it. I took over 400 photos over a period of two months or so. The song is called 'Dead Flowers.' ~ Anne xo

Live Band Show This Week! 

This Saturday - first real outdoor band show since February 2020! At Moccasin Creek Festival. We play at 4 pm!

Recording of New Album! 

Dear Folks,

Hope you are well! It's a been a long drink between records but I can finally say I almost have a new album in the metaphorical can.

I've waited a long time - not always patiently - for this new project to materialize. I'm waking up every morning at 6.30 am and digging in for a few hours before the tasks of the day draw me away from The Muse. I'm really excited - I know that sounds like a cliché but it is true. I hope to have more to report soon. Thanks! Anne xo