Anne McCue Joins Palm Ghosts on Haunting Cover of Song To The Siren

     Nashville's Palm Ghosts & Anne McCue have teamed up once again, this time on Tim Buckley's sublime 'Song To The Siren,' released this week on all the streaming services.
     Joseph Lekkas takes the part of the sailor while Anne McCue provides the reverberating voice of the siren.
In the original version, says Anne, 'Tim Buckley sings from the sailor’s point of view. Then when This Mortal Coil recorded the song, Elizabeth Fraser echoed the sailor's song back to him - his own words - but in her Siren voice. Perhaps this was the way the enchantment worked. Both versions are otherworldly and what I call ‘divinely inspired.’ In this new version, we have combined the voices of the Siren and the Sailor in the one rendition.'
Listen to the song:

Manchester’s Analogue Trash describes Palm Ghosts as “Achingly beautiful, fragile and majestic music. An intoxicating mix of Shoegaze and Dream pop, taking from the 80’s but not in debt to it.”

South Africa’s Jangle Pop Hub has said the band has “An inimitable 80’s style dream pop that mixes the avaricious swirl of The Cocteau Twins, the atmospherics of The Cure and the grandiosity of Echo and The Bunnymen.”

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