Artificial Intelligence, Emphasis on 'Artificial'

It's not the blog, it's the human behind the blog that interests me. It's not the camera (iphone or whichever) - it's the human behind the camera that matters. It's not how they created the image but the person who created the image that I care about. It's not the Pro Tools or Logic or whatever, it's the person who uses the recording tool to create something because they are inspired to do it. 
The AI is a form of copycat - much like many of the writers on Music Row. The AI copies what has gone before by copying from what all the humans have written in their blogs or designed in their images. All those heartfelt posts, people spilling their hearts, intelligence, brilliance etc. onto the cyber page which is munched up, chewed up, blended and pureed and spat out into this homogenous, soul-less, pirated 'blog' or 'painting' or 'song.' Meanwhile, the people who helped create AI may still be living with their parents playing video games in their basement. They developed a way to be a copycat.
The human artist imagines, dreams and is divinely inspired. Then AI - Google, Facebook etc. - steals their work. It is like a giant shadow vacuum that sucks up everything, churns it up and then re-presents it as the 'intellectual property' of the [Google, Meta etc] corporation.
I like to think there will always be a group of us out there, a bunch of outsiders, making art that is inspired, that comes from reviling the mainstream junk, who struggle through the depths so that they may emerge, one day, with an art form begotten through blood, sweat, tears, dreams, hopes, pain, joy - i.e. humanity.