Mother Earth


I celebrate my own mother everyday so today I would like to honor the greatest mother of all - Mother Earth. 
Humans have turned away from nature and instead have wreaked havoc, overrun, mined, killed, hunted, deforested, poisoned all and everything in their path. 
For instance, the coral in this photo from the Great Barrier Reef is most likely dead now due to higher temperatures brought on by carbon emissions. 
The Industrial Revolution is only a couple of hundred years old. We did not exploit fossil fuels to this unmanageable degree before that time. It’s not too late to stop. 
One thing about the Great Pause is that we haven’t been using our cars and polluting the earth as much as usual. I hope we can stay on track somehow with this. 
Australia and America should be leading the world in renewable energies. Why aren’t we? Greed and corruption. 
The people need to become pro-active, not just whingeing and whining. 
We need to find answers. Our spoiled lives are a thing of the past. It’s up to each person to be committed to making their carbon footprint smaller. I have attempted to do this in recent years by limiting travel that really isn’t all that necessary and eating no meat. That’s a couple of ways. 
Our economy can no longer be based on using up as many resources as possible. That kind of Capitalism is a dead (and deathly) end. 
I’m looking for a new kind of capitalism that celebrates using LESS, not more. 
A Capitalism that celebrates Mother Earth, instead of rape and pillage. 
I hope we can all find it - and soon. xo